The ministry of health has banned animal trade (Auction ring) at Kamukuywa dispensary land over health concerns.Speaking while meeting the national government officials, county government officials and the market management team, health and Sanitation CEC Dr Andrew Wamalwa openly declared Kamukuywa dispensary a no go zone for animals traders.Wamalwa reiterated that the animal -Human being conflict can cause health concerns which can be more disastrous.”I will not allow animals to mix with patients within this facility, we can agree on other things but on traders selling animals on this compound is a dangerous affair and unnigotiable,” he warned.Dr. Wamalwa who who had been accompanied by Chief Officer Housing, Urban and municipalities Denson Barasa, Kimilili DCC and Kamukuywa ACC asked the traders to vacate the piece of land and carry out with their businesses elsewhere within the market.”As a ministry we will not compromise on the health of our people, let the concern ministry find an alternative land to set up the animal auction ring but not within the dispensary land,” he said.The traders were displaced from their previous working area after the county government set up the place for the construction of the modern market.The market management committee members had requested to use the medical facility as a cattle ring which normally takes place every Tuesday as they look for an alternative land to lease.However, during the hotly attended meeting, trade CEC Caroline Makali assured the traders that they are working on a solution which won’t hurt the county and traders alike.”I am sending my officers to have a workable solution with the cattle traders, we don’t to lose any revenue during the market day,” she said.

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