Chef Maliha Lasts 90 Hrs, 15 Mins in Attempt to Break Longest Home Kitchen Cooking World Record

Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed lasted 90 hours and 15 minutes in her attempt to break the longest home kitchen cooking world record. Photo: Mahila Mohammed.
 Source: TikTok

Chef Mahila Mohammed has impressed netizens after she broke the record for the longest home kitchen cooking

Mahila tirelessly and with determination prepared sumptuous meals as the clock ticked away, setting a record of 90 hours and 15 minutes

The record is not official yet as it awaits confirmation from the Guinness World Record team.

The Kenyan chef had earlier shattered the previous Guinness World Records of 68 hours, 30 minutes, held by American Rickey Lumpkin

In a post on Instagram shared by @seagas, the news of the amazing record-breaking feat was announced.

“We finally did it. New record, here we are. We are proud of you sana. You have shown us what it means by determination,” the post was captioned.

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Maliha prepared sumptuous meals during her marathon, where she also showcased her culinary skills and diversity by cooking various cuisines.

Mahila, while breaking Lumpkin’s record, appreciated her supporters.

She wrote: “Ma fans wangu wote Wakenya wenzangu (To all my fans and fellow Kenyans), those who contributed, prayed for this, showed any support. May God bless you all.

The chef was supported by her family, friends, and fans, who cheered her on. She also received messages of encouragement from celebrities. Many famous people supported Mahila’s attempt to set a new record and visited her to witness her amazing achievement.

Mahila invited some of the most popular comedians and influencers in the country to join her in her challenge and taste her delicious dishes for free.

Some of the lucky guests who enjoyed Mahila’s yummy meals were Crazy Kennar, Oga Obinna and Priscilla WA Imani.

Breaking Hildah Baci’s record Chef Mahila was also going for Nigerian Guinness World Record holder Hildah Baci. Baci was officially confirmed to be the record holder in June after cooking for 93 hours, 11 minutes.

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