Four mens from Gachugi Ngorongo in Gatundu  were attacked and killed by an unknown assailant on Monday night.

Tobias Wanyama, a survivor of the attack, told the media that he had been approached by an unknown person brandishing a large baton and demanding Ksh. 10 from him.

He claimed that the stranger then attacked him around 8.30 p.m., hitting him on the head with a stick-like object. Wanyama stated that he awoke in the hospital hours later with serious head injuries.

“Huy Kijana tulipatana na yeye akaniitisha shilingi kumi… nikamwambia pesa yangu yote imeshikana naenda kununua chakula, sikuenda hata steps mbili ,”

The four men who died in separate attacks had similar injuries that appeared to have been caused by a blunt object.

A resident of Gachugi told Inooro TV that they received reports of the killings on Monday night after three men who were out running errands were bludgeoned to death.

One of the victims was reportedly returning home with a bottle of milk when he was attacked, while another was beaten to death and his skull cracked as he returned home with a kilo of meat for his family.

The other victim, according to the residents , was attacked while he had stepped out of the house to buy soap nearby.

“We don’t know if we will be leaving our houses anymore because you go out to buy sugar and you are killed on your way home,’ a resident said.

“The government needs to step up security in this region, we are living in fear.’

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