Suicide or Murder? Lusaka man Earnest Wafula dies under mysterious condition


The recent passing of Earnest Wafula, commonly known as “Communicado,”has left a multitude of individuals with numerous unanswered questions.
Mr. Wafula was an esteemed member of the Bungoma County Communication press team and served under the leadership of Governor Kenneth Lusaka.
According to reports, on Saturday, September 11th, 2023, at approximately 1 am, Mr. Wafula departed from his residence en route to Kitale town where he ultimately met an untimely demise. The circumstances surrounding his death have yet to be fully understood.

Prior to this tragic incident, it appears that Mr. Wafula was struggling with depression based on a post shared on his Facebook page. This revelation has led many to question whether or not his mental health played a role in the events leading up to his passing.
As the investigation into this matter continues, many are left wondering if foul play was involved or if Mr. Wafula took his own life. The lack of clarity regarding these details only adds to the already overwhelming sense of grief and loss felt by those who knew him best.
Regardless of the cause of his death, one thing is certain: Earnest Wafula will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him and working alongside him in pursuit of their shared goals within the Bungoma County Communication press team. His contributions and legacy will undoubtedly continue to impact those around him for years to come.

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