Lawyer Brian Khaemba is investigating the death of Ernest Wafula a former employee of Bungoma County.


Hon. Bryan Khaemba has called on the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI specifically the Homicide Department to swiftly investigate the mysterious death of Ernest Wafula.

During his visit to the family Hon. Khaemba expressed his condolences and recognized Ernest as a dedicated and hardworking individual who was committed to personal and communal progress.

He believes that justice must be served in this case.As a lawyer by profession Hon. Khaemba has taken it upon himself to provide free legal services to the family of the deceased.

He has already written a letter to the DCI urging them to expedite their investigation and uncover the truth surrounding Ernestโ€™s untimely demise.Contrary to earlier reports suggesting suicide the family represented by lawyer Bryan Khaemba has rejected these claims.

They are now calling on the police to apprehend all individuals who were last seen with Ernest before his death. The family seeks a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading up to his passing.Hon. Khaemba has assured the family that he will stand by them and offer his full support until justice is served.

His dedication to the case and his efforts to engage the authorities demonstrate his commitment to upholding the rule of law and seeking truth and justice for Ernest Wafulaโ€™s family.

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