Pope Francis opens door for Catholic Priests to bless same sex marriages


Pope Francis on Monday responded to five questions, or “Dubia,” addressing various theological and doctrinal concerns within the Catholic Church expressed by recently elected Cardinals. The first question pertains to whether Divine Revelation should be reinterpreted in light of cultural and anthropological changes. The Pope responds that while Divine Revelation is immutable, the Church must continually grow in understanding and may express past teachings in a better way to address contemporary challenges.The second question concerns the blessing of same-sex unions. The Pope reiterates that marriage is a union between a man and a woman but emphasizes the importance of pastoral charity in dealing with such situations, without changing the definition of marriage.The third question relates to the concept of synodality within the Church’s governance. The Pope acknowledges the value of synodality as an essential dimension of the Church’s life but cautions against imposing a particular synodal methodology universally.The fourth question involves the ordination of women as priests. The Pope affirms the essential difference between the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial priesthood but suggests a need to better understand the nuances of “definitive statements.”The fifth question addresses the necessity of repentance for sacramental absolution in confession. The Pope emphasizes the importance of repentance but notes that there can be different ways to express it, and pastoral care should consider individual circumstances.

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